Super greasy face ? Is this also causing major breakouts and leaving you with dark spots ? Well, I have been blessed with the answer to your problem. Neutrogena VISIBLY CLEAR Spot Proofing Range. Yes you read correctly, all the products that saved my skin come from one brand and range. I started using the products from this range 3 weeks ago, I was at my wits end with my skin. I had tried every natural/herbal way to get rid of my dark spots and acne, but absolutely nothing worked. My miracle products (as I call them) include:
1. Neutrogena VISIBLY CLEAR Spot Proofing Daily Wash - this is my new favorite face wash, it gives you a proper clean without stripping your face. It keeps your face hydrated still. Highly recommend, has been the most effective of all the products I have tried.
2. Neutrogena VISIBLY CLEAR Spot Proofing Smoothing Scrub - I know not all people will like this scrub because it has very fine, sharp granules and if you are someone who rubs your skin hard it will definitely leave your skin broken. However, I have absolutely loved this scrub ! I use it every night to really scrub off all the dirt that has settled throughout the day. I haven't had any issues with it. I love the smoothness and squeaky clean feel of my face afterwards.
3. Neutrogena VISIBLY CLEAR Spot Proofing Oil-Free Moisturizer - BEST MOISTURIZER I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS !! For us oily skinned people, moisturizers are very hard to find because most of them leave us too greasy and do nothing for our skin. This moisturizer is hydrating but leaves no greasy look or feel afterwards. It almost feels tacky on your skin, thus you wont get oily throughout the day. It is truly a Godsend for us oily-skinned people.

I hope this can help someone who is where I was before I got these products, I started seeing results exactly a week after using them.
Let me know if this did or did not help. xox
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