Awesome Twist-Out Afro

Stretched or shrunken, I adore my Afro, but still nothing makes me feel more fabulous than an awesome looking twist-out, it has a way of uplifting my game, just a tad.
One of the products that I use to twist my hair into Bantu knots is the ORS Smooth & Hold Pudding. This 368 grams tub can be bought for about R 77 from Dischem, Click’s or from the Takealot online store.

To prep my hair for the twist, which I do while watching the late night news, is to:

Dampen my hair by spritzing it with warm water;
I decide how big my Bantu knots are going to be, depending on my level of laziness;
With my fingers, I separate a small section of hair that I plan to twist from my Afro forest;
This small portion of hair I then slightly coat with the ORS Smooth & Hold Pudding, enough to soften my hair but not enough to make it soggy or too slippery to handle;
Then the pudding-coated hair is separated further into two smaller sections and I start twisting ;
Once the two strands are twisted into one, I twist this strand until it bends into a coil that naturally flattens itself against my scalp and I tuck the ends under the bottom coil to secure;
I repeat until my head is littered with balletjies of hair ;
After washing my hands, I cover my head with a satin cap and I am ready for bed.

The following day all I have to do to flaunt a flawless head of hair is to cover my fingers with the ORS Olive Oil Anti-Frizz Glossing Polisher (any hair oil of choice will do), then I twist out my hair and style as I desire…and that is how I get an Awesome Twist-Out Afro for a day or two.
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