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Listerine Advanced White Multi-Action Mouthwash

Listerine Advanced White Multi-Action Mouthwash

Listerine® Advanced White Multi-Action Mouthwash uses a non-abrasive, polyphosphate technology to...


So here's my blog post, where I included some insight from friends & family.…

Hey ladies and gents. I have postrd my video on youtube (first video ever) . Im new to video tutorials and reviews so cut me some slack ❤❤❤ Show more

Sinsashikins Nawww, don't worry! You did really well on your first review! 3 years ago

Can't believe I didn't see this group. I looked for it, but for some reason the email didn't link to the group. Anyway, here's my Listerine Review!... Show more

Listerine Advanced White Review |...

Hello, so I was lucky enough to be selected as the 50 influences to review the Listerine Advanced White, sent by Beauty Bulletin. We had two weeks...

The Listerine Advanced White Mouthwash definitely gave me my confidence back to smile again !I Recommend using it thrice a day to get noticeable... Show more





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