#ChooseAvonPowerStayFoundation Project Wrap Up

Avon’s Power Stay Foundation promises to stand the test of time, giving you a flawless finish while you go about your day, face first! Avon, voted the coolest makeup brand in SA for 11 consecutive years**, says their Power Stay Foundation is life-proof, no matter the lifestyle! Avon is a beauty democracy with 20 foundation shades for every skin tone, and their Power Stay Foundation claims to tick all your beauty boxes: 

💯24-hour wear

💯Stays put & comfortable all day

💯Shade for every complexion 

💯Full coverage that is buildable AND breathable 

💯Quality beauty at irresistible value

Whether it’s for a back-to-back workday where you don’t have time for touch ups, or it’s a night out with your girl group, you NEED a powerful foundation that gives you and your face the comfort and confidence it needs! That’s why we wanted to find out if Avon’s Power Stay Foundation lives up to the hype. 

The Trial Team:

We recruited a trial team of 150 Makeup Mavericks who regularly use long-wear foundation, who were looking for quality, long-lasting coverage that feels as good as it looks, and that won’t break the bank! We wanted them to put Avon Power Stay Foundation & Concealer to the test and to let us know if it lives up to the hype and is their new fave foundation! Did they #ChooseAvonPowerStayFoundation? See below to find out what they had to say. 

See their post rollouts below:

Week One’s Story 

Our Makeup Mavericks introduced Avon’s Power Stay Foundation and Concealer and shared how they would put this long lasting foundation to the ultimate test.

The full coverage looks and shade matches were to die for!

They invited us along their Power Stay journeys to see whether the foundation could keep up with their fabulous, but busy lifestyles.

Week Two’s Story

There’s something so satisfying about seeing makeup transformations from start to finish, and that’s exactly what the trial team shared for Post 2.

The trial team added an extra twist to this makeup tutorial by only applying foundation to half of their faces. The result is a clear comparison of half their faces with the full coverage Power Stay Foundation and the other half without.

They then completed their looks by applying Power Stay Concealer and the rest of their makeup routine.

Week Three’s Story

The trial team invited us to join them in a day-in-their-life vlogs, while wearing a face  of Power Stay foundation and concealer.

The trial team showed us how Avon’s Power Stay foundation stood the test of time following a full day of university classes, meetings, grocery shopping, and more.

In addition to their posts, followers also stood a chance to win their own share of Power Stay products.

About Avon Power Stay: 

The Avon Power Stay 24-Hour** foundation is a long-lasting 100% matte liquid foundation that resists sweat, heat and humidity. No caking or blocked pores over here! The foundation’s waterproof formula stays put all day and comes in 20 shades for all South African skin tones. The Avon Power Stay Foundation with full coverage that is buildable AND breathable, is quality beauty at irresistible value.

 *by the Sunday Times annual Gen Next Awards

**Based on a large scale consumer study conducted in 2018

For more reviews and information on this product CLICK HERE

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  1. Zama

    I would love to try this out, been a lover of make up since was little. My mum introduced me to avon in high school the liners the mascaras we would order every month

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