#ChooseAvonMascara Project Wrap Up


Did you know Avon has for the past 11 consecutive years been voted coolest makeup brand in SA?* Did you know they sell 1 mascara every second?**

Recently Avon has launched a NEW Mascara, Avon Legendary Lengths, which promises to give you up to 50% longer looking lashes, with 3X the volume in an INSTANT!

Beauty Bulletin recruited  80 Lash Loving women, who believe that when it comes to mascara, hell yeah, SIZE MATTERS. They shared their hottest eye makeup looks using Avon eye makeup products and put Avon Legendary Length Mascara to the test.

Did it give up to 50% longer looking lashes? Did it give 3 x the volume? Is its formula & brush TOTALLY next generation?

See below if our 80 LASH LOVERS  #ChooseAvonMascara, and if it treated their lashes to the length they lust & the volume they desire! What lengths will it go to?

See their post rolls out below.

Week One’s Story

Avon has launched their NEW Legendary Lengths Mascara, and our lash-loving REALfluencers have tested it to see if it promises to give them 50% longer lashes, and 3x the volume in an instant! REALfluencers’ lashes were transformed with every swipe of the Avon Legendary Lengths’ tapered silicone brush. Dramatic, high-quality reels showed just how much the NEW Avon Legendary Lengths Mascara could transform even those hard-to-reach lashes in just a few swipes, delivering not only on length but also on volume, creating a fuller lash look.

REALfluencers and followers took to their captions and the comments section to share just how much they loved how natural they could still have their lashes look, even with the added Avon Legendary Lengths length and volume.

Week Two’s Story

Our lash-loving REALfluencers have tested out and approved of the NEW Avon Legendary Lengths Mascara, they were getting ready to show us just how the NEW Legendary Lengths Mascara had their lashes go from ‘meh’ to Legendary! Before and after reels showed just how REALfluencers transformed their lashes with only a few swipes of the Avon Legendary Lengths tapered silicone brush. Going from your average lash length to length and volume that was nothing short of legendary! 

Don’t believe us? See the posts below for some legendary lash action! 

Week Three’s Story

The NEW Avon Legendary Lengths Mascara has been trialled and tested by our lash-loving REALfluencers, and now we wanted to know… Do they #ChooseAvonMascara

REALfluencers took to the Avon website to leave their reviews on the NEW Avon Legendary Lengths Mascara, telling us if it delivered 50% longer looking lashes, 3x the volume, and if they’d recommend it to friends and family, and it is safe to say that Avon delivered with this one, as our REALfluencers LOVED the NEW Avon Legendary Lengths Mascara and without a doubt would #ChooseAvonMascara over and over again – their words, not ours.

For more reviews, CLICK HERE.

*By the Sunday Times annual Gen Next Awards, which was held on the 9th September 2021.

**Avon global annual sales internal data 2020

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