#ChooseAvonGifting Project Wrap Up

The festive season means days and nights full to the brim with laughter, joy, and moments with friends and family. Sharing thoughtful gifts and eagerly unwrapping surprises, there’s nothing quite like the joy of gifting and paying it forward with personal gifts that spark smiles all round.

Whether you’re celebrating the festive season with your mother, father, brother, fiance or friend, with Avon Gifting you can adorn them with a lavish variety of gifting ideas, perfect for any budget, in the same uncompromising quality Avon products are known for.

We recruited a trial team of 80 gifting gurus who wanted to pay it forward and experience the joy of gifting and receiving this festive season. They were looking to spoil their friends or family with gifts that are unmatched in quality, innovation and sheer joy. We wanted them to share the joy of gifting and getting this festive season and to celebrate the luxurious array of gifts that they can give and get thanks to Avon. See below to find out what they had to say.

See their post rollouts below:

Week One’s Story 

It was the season of giving and our Avon Gifting Gurus had some incredible gifts lined up for the festive season!

In week one, our Gifting Gurus introduced exciting and quality gifts for their loved ones with Avon. To make the deal even sweeter, they tagged the person they would love to gift it to.

They really shared the love in this post and proved how Avon helped them become  the “best gift giver ever”. Followers were drawn to join the Avon Gifting conversation as the festive content continued to bless feeds with the joy of gifting.

Week Two’s Story

Week two was time for the Gifting Gurus to share their thoughtful Avon gifts with their loved ones, capturing sweet and authentic moments.

The Gifting Gurus followers were invited to shop with Avon to get their hands on these exciting Avon gifts and more to share the Avon joy with their loved ones during the festive gifting season.

The Gifting Guru’s were excited about this as it gave them the opportunity to spend time with their families to create new moments of opening the perfect gifts all while creating timeless content too! It was the perfect daily spoil for family and friends – it was the gift that never stopped giving.

Week Three’s Story

Our Gifting Gurus gave everyone a reason to want to get their hands on the 12 Tales of Joy gift set with their festive content and an exciting giveaway to end off this joyful campaign!

This incredible gift set was packed with 12 of Avon’s most exciting products to share with loved ones. While the Gifting Guru’s did not want to give too much away, they teased followers with the reveal of just a few products, from sample sized everyday favourites to luxurious full sized products, and left the rest up to the imagination to entice followers to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a gift set of their own.

Our Gifting Gurus weren’t the only gift givers! Avon REPfluencers made sure to make it an unforgettable Chsristmas for their loved ones as they also took part in this epic campaign and shared the joy of giving with Avon’s 12 Tales of Joy. REPfluencers made sure to take social media by storm as they posted about the perfect gifting ideas for everyone. The inclusion of REPfluencers allowed them to join in on the campaign fun and improve their social media presence all while creating gorgeous content capturing the Christmas festivities!

About Avon Gifting:

Is your friend all about fragrance? Do you have a family member who’s besotted with skincare? Whoever you’re shopping for, Avon has the perfect gift that your friends or family will love you for. With Avon you can be the #BestGiftGiverEver and can adorn them with a lavish variety of gifts, perfect for any budget, in the same uncompromising quality Avon products are known for. Choose from timeless classics or tailored treats to spoil your nearest and dearest, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is when to stop shopping! 

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