#BramleyTissueOilObsessed Project Wrap Up

Bramley is a trusted South African favourite that is used by millions of beautiful women every single day. Home of the beloved South African tissue oil, Bramley is committed to providing quality, innovative and effective products that deliver authentic results for your skin

Their range of highly enriched tissue oils are formulated with Bio-Pharm oil and Vitamin E to help with stretch marks, scar tissue, dark spots and very dry skin. The lightly fragranced tissue oils can be used every day on all skin types, are affordable, and best of all, they work. It’s no wonder so many women are #BramleyTissueOilObsessed! 

We recruited 100 #BramleyTissueOilObsessed women who use Bramley Tissue oil each and every day. They love it, they swear by it, they’re totally obsessed, and most of all, they trust it! They’re just about ready to shout it from the rooftops. We wanted these pampered women to tell us why they’re so incredibly #BramleyTissueOilObsessed and to show us why Bramley Tissue Oil is a trusted South African favourite. See below to find out what they had to say. 

See their post rollouts below:

Week One’s Story 

Our Bramley Bae’s introduced Bramley’s versatile range of tissue oils and shared their personal connection to the brand. From how they discovered it, to how long they’ve been using it, and what they use it for. Our Bramley Bae’s did not hold back on how much and why they are completely and utterly #BramleyTissueOilObsessed!

Still feed posts showcasing the Floral Collection, African Collection, and Herbal Bramley Tissue Oils flooded Instagram feeds in the most authentic and aesthetically pleasing ways possible.

Followers took to our Bramley Baes’ comments to take the opportunity to also share their love for Bramley Tissue Oils and how they too became #BramleyTissueOilObsessed.

Week Two’s Story

If you didn’t know all the benefits Bramley Tissue Oils offers, there was no longer an excuse after the #BramleyTissueOilObsessed Inspo Challenge. This week-long challenge had our Bramley Bae’s share their top 5 reasons for being #BramleyTissueOilObsessed and let’s just say, Bramley definitely has more than 5 reasons for being loved by so many South African women.

Our Bramley Bae’s shared how versatile Bramley Tissue Oils are, how it has helped them improve the appearance of their stretch marks, dark spots, dry skin, how affordable they are and so much more! 

REALfluencers also invited their followers to enter the #BramleyTissueOilObsessed Inspo Challenge competition to stand a chance to win 1 of 10x Bramley hampers for themselves by commenting ‘YES’ on the REALfluencers’ posts that most inspired them to try Bramley Tissue Oils.

Followers took it one step further and even shared their top reasons for being #BramleyTissueOilObsessed themselves. It was clear that Bramley really is loved by many South African women, and anyone who didn’t believe it before, surely did after this challenge.

Week Three’s Story

From the start of the campaign to the #BramleyTissueOilObsessed Inspo Challenge, we already knew our Bramley Bae’s were #BramleyTissueOilObsessed but now it was time to hear their testimonies. Our Bramley Bae’s took to our Beauty Bulletin website to share their testimonials on Bramley Tissue Oils (Floral Collection, African Collection, Herbal). REALfluencers shared their obsession with Bramley Tissue Oils, what results kept them coming back, what their favourite range was and whether they would recommend it to others. Reading these testimonials will leave no doubt in your mind that South African women really are completely and utterly #BramleyTissueOilObsessed, and if you still don’t believe us, check out their testimonials for yourself!

What our Bramley Bae’s had to say about the Bramley Floral Collection

What our Bramley Bae’s had to say about the Bramley African Collection

What our Bramley Bae’s had to say about the Bramley Herbal Tissue Oil

During the duration of the #BramleyTissueOilObsessed campaign, our Bramley Bae’s gifted a friend their very own Bramley Magnolia Tissue Oil, that they were either already #BramleyTissueOilObsessed with or were eager to try out for themselves. Our Bramley Baes’ friends took to Instagram and our Beauty Bulletin website to share how excited they were to try out the Bramley Magnolia Tissue Oil or why they already are #BramleyTissueOilObsessed. Check out some of their thoughts below:

About Bramley Tissue Oil:

Bramley Tissue Oil is a South African tissue oil with added Bio-Pharm oil to enhance the functionality of the skin’s moisture barrier and Vitamin E for skin cell repairing. Bramley’s highly enriched Tissue Oils are the solution to all your modern day skincare problems and needs and are exclusive to PEP stores. These miracle Tissue Oils provide best results when applied daily to stretch marks, scar tissue, dark spots and very dry skin, and are suitable for everyday use on all skin types.  

For more reviews and information on this product CLICK HERE 

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