#BramleyBudgetSavvyBodyCare Project Wrap Up

When times get financially tough, often the first things to go are the luxuries of self-care. But that doesn’t have to be the case… Enter Bramley Body Care, exclusive to PEP – the brand that promises quality without the hefty price tag.

Brand Advisor wanted to know: Will the budget and beauty-conscious woman be happily surprised by Bramley’s quality and affordability?

We’ve recruited a trial team of women who are passionate about quality, affordable body care to put Bramley to the test. They’re real recessionistas who are always on the hunt for body care products they can trust to leave them feeling amazing without breaking the bank. They took to their social to reveal their honest opinions on Bramley whilst sharing their regimes and celebrating body care tips, tricks, and hacks that help followers trade money woes for body care heroes!

 The Trial Team

These REALfluencers are body care enthusiasts, who appreciate quality body care that does not have to break the bank.

 Week One’s Story

Our #BramleyBudgetSavvyBodyCare trial team Recessionistas have been trialling their products for a week and it was now time to share their Bramley body care regime. Glowing skin and gorgeous aesthetics flooded all of Instagram with our REALfluencers sharing their Bramley regimes and all the benefits they’ve seen over the past week of using their budget-savvy body care products.

Our #BramleyBudgetSavvyBodyCare REALfluencers also invited their followers to the week-long #BramleyBudgetSavvyBodyCare Beauty Bash where they would share clever beauty tips/tricks/hacks using the Bramley body care range.

Week Two’s Story

The #BramleyBudgetSavvyBodyCare Beauty Bash has finally arrived and our trial team Recessionistas were amped to show their followers all their clever beauty tips/tricks/hacks using the Bramley Body Care range over this week-long e-vent.

 Creative reels ranging from body/lip scrubs to makeup removers, scalp treatments, smelly feet hacks AND SO MUCH MORE – our #BramleyBudgetSavvyBodyCare Recessionistas really shared the hacks/tricks we all never knew we needed and we were so here for all of it!

Our Recessionistas’ followers also stood a chance to win 1 of 10 Bramley Body Care hampers of their own by commenting on which REALfluencer’s creative hack/tip/trick they were most excited to try out for themselves.

Week Three’s Story

The final verdict was now in and we wanted to know – does Bramley offer quality body care at affordable prices? – and it is safe to say that not only did our #BramleyBudgetSavvyBodyCare Recessionistas agree, but their followers did too!

 Our REALfluencers had the choice between posting a site review on Beauty Bulletin’s website or sharing their review in a social post. Our #BramleyBudgetSavvyBodyCare Recessionistas couldn’t stress enough just how much they LOVED that because of Bramley, they no longer had to compromise on their body care regimes, especially during the drier winter season.

About Bramley

Bramley offers locally-made, high-quality body care products that don’t break the bank. Bramley is available exclusively at PEP.

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