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Tell Us About Your Blog? Be Whole is a lifestyle blog intending to evoke aspirations, inspiration, and a desire to live well. I write about my favourite things, people, and positivity.

What Are Your Top Three Handbag Beauty Essentials? Estee Lauder High gloss, Mac Studio Finish Concealer and Artistry Brow Definer.

Your Go-To Everyday Makeup Look? Natural. I love switching up my make-up looks according to the seasons - fresh-faced in summer, and bolder during in winter.

Choose One:
   Lipstick or Lipgloss? Love gloss!

   Heels or Flats? Heels

Your Failsafe 'Ugly Day' Beauty Fix? You can’t go wrong with Avon Bronzing Pearls

For more information about Robyn visit www.bewhole.co.za

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