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Tell Us About Your Blog? Pieces in Pink is a beauty and lifestyle blog that features reviews, new product launches, great finds and all things beauty with some life and recipes thrown into the mix.

What Are Your Top Three Handbag Beauty Essentials? Lipgloss, perfume and hand cream

Your Go-To Everyday Makeup Look? Neutrals, preferably browns with a light rosy cheek and a lipgloss

Choose One:

   Lipstick or Lipgloss? Lipgloss, I find it’s easier to apply and maintain throughout the day.

   Heels or Flats? I love a pretty heal but due to hurting my foot I have to go with pretty flats

Your Failsafe 'Ugly Day' Beauty Fix? A good mascara and hair pulled into a bun prettifies any day

For more information about Lizna visit www.piecesinpink.co.za

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