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Tell Us About Your Blog? Frame Ambition is a visual and written journal of a girl trying to make her own path as a model, break moulds and make friends doing it. Wherever I live and travel, I'm always working on my craft and taking anyone who wants to go on a trip with me, sharing lessons, achievements and inspirations.

What Are Your Top Three Handbag Beauty Essentials?Lip balm (currently Body Shop Born Lippy), hand cream (also Body Shop) and powder (currently Maybelline Clear Smooth).

Your Go-To Everyday Makeup Look? Foundation, brows filled in, winged liquid eyeliner and some lip balm.

Choose One:
   Lipbalm or Lipstick: Lipstick. Mainly because I prefer having a matte lip. Also, maybe it's my inner little girl being excited she gets to wear her own big-girl make-up :P

   Heels or flats: Heels

Your Failsafe 'Ugly Day' Beauty Fix? Some cover-up, brows done and the perfect deep red lip to distract everybody!

For more information about Julie, follow her on www.frameambition.com

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