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Mascaras, Eyebrow Pencils October 11, 2010 182
Great mascara for luscious lashes!
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I got a small size of this mascara from the BB team. I am very greatful. It is my first Benefit product ever and I am very impressed so far! I am not a mascara crazy girl. I have a few of them but often skip them in my morning makeup routine as I naturally have long black lashes. But I could still tell the quality when I saw it!
I really enjoy using it . The brush is simply luxe. It is huge and creates great length and volume. The formula of the mascara is perfect creamy enough but not too watery. It doesn't clump or make the lashes stick together to make my lashes look like I only have 5 of them LOL! I definitely recommend it!

The only complaint I had is the short handle of the trial size. It makes it very awkward to apply as the brush is already big. If you consider purchasing a small size one (not sure if they sell them at all), then just look out for that!
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