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Sonic Facial Cleanser YAY FROM ME!

​Brand: SafewayCategory: Electrical BeautyProduct: Sonic Facial CleanserPrice: R99Available from: Clicks stores nationwide

I purchased this super cute Ladies Sonic Facial Cleanser from Clicks stores over the December 2018 holidays, and so far so good. Anyone who knows me, know that I am into my skin and all the care that goes with that. I have always wanted to get my hands on the electrical like cleansers but since the top of the range ones cost so much, I could never get around to buying myself one.

How to use: The above short clip gives you some idea of how you should be using your sonic facial cleanser. Remember to be gentle as facial skin is sensitive.However, when I saw this one at Clicks I just had to get it. It takes two AA batteries and it`s got two speed settings. It`s also very hygienic as it contains a silicone brush top, which makes it easy to clean. The top silicone brush cap can easily be removed and soaked in steaming hot water for a deep clean. The sonic facial cleanser is safe to use on wet and dry skin, so it`s a bonus - make it part of your daily/weekly routine, it`s so simple.Experience with this Sonic Facial Cleanser

I love it because it leaves my skin, soft, smooth and fresh as in new. All the dull, tough, bits of skin is easily removed by firstly wetting my face. Applying my face wash or scrub and then going over my facial skin with my sonic facial brush cleanser. I usually stick to the first speed setting, as I have sensitive skin, and the second speed setting seems way to harsh for me, ultimately it`s your preference. Good to use as part of a weekly skincare routine, it easily deep cleans, getting rid of not only clogged pores, but both white and blackheads. Also, it`s good to use when one considers the circulation of the skin are on the face. Easy to wash off and clean, and pack away.

Loves ?-Simple to use-2 speed settings-very hygienic silicone bristle brush top-easy to clean-removes impurities from skin (whiteheads, blackheads)-unclogs pores-can be used on wet or dry skin-improves skin circulation-compact so easy to store and take away on weekends away-value for money product-no special products required to use in combination with the sonic cleanser.

Hates ?- can cause dryness due too harsh exfoliating-can cause inflammation of skin due to overuse-can cause hyper-pigmentation - due to over-stimulation of melanin leading to uneven skin.-can get messy, if you don`t use a gel based facial wash or scrub-does not come with an extra silicone bristle cap replacement (no spares)

Overall rating: 4.8/5 I love my Sonic Facial Cleanser even more so, because of the value I get from it, and how much it cost me. I can easily save on going for facials, by treating my face, every single week in the comfort of my own home and at no cost. This product is so awesome I can use it whilst my skin is wet or dry and I doesn't require any fancy or expensive gels or masks in combination with using it.
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