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Neem Oil For That Flaky Scalp! #BlackGirlAlchemy

So I really dislike using products for my hair because I want to know everything I am putting into my hair so I tend to gravitate towards DIY.

I discovered Neem Oil through a friend who is also dealing with an itchy and often flaky scalp. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory so it helps a great deal with scalp irritation.

You CANNOT use it as is, your scalp will sting! You have to dilute it with another oil of your choice. I often use olive oil and then I mix in a few drops of Neem Oil and I rub the mixture onto my scalp and hair, cover it (with a plastic bag lol) and leave it for however long my prepoo process takes. Note that I only use it when I prepoo because this stuff stinks but it helps a great deal.

I get mine from Nautica Organics or Faithful To Nature. I hope you try it out and it helps a great deal.
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