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Makeup and Skincare for Acne Prone Skin

Hi all,
I have struggled with acne and oily skin my whole life.
My skincare and makeup routine has ranged from the most expensive products to the cheapest bar of soap you get, just out of trial & error and desperation.

So I need advice for the following:

-Proper skincare routine and products that have worked for you

-A good foundation with the following "traits":
---Full coverage
---Lasts all day
---Does not clog pores and worsen acne
---Nice shades for fair skin
---Does not appear cakey and go orange

-Other tips for good makeup application (brush, beauty blender or fingers?), and help with other products such as primer, concealer and powder for acne prone skin.

For reference, here is what I am currently using and have used in the past:
-Currently using:
--- Lancome Teint Idole Extra- takes too much foundation to get full coverage and worsens my acne.
---Yardley Transluscent Powder (I like this one)
---Gosh Primer (I like this)
---Essence Concealer Stick (No issues so far)

Have used:
-Revlon- all types. Doesn't last long/fades after a couple of hours
-Coverderm- I liked it but the shade was a bit too dark so I can go back to it if I can find a light shade.
-L'oreal- Not sure which ones, but it also doesn't last.

Please help me, ladies. I am desperate and tired of looking half-done-up because of the wrong products.

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    Saturday, December 01 2018, 08:48 AM - #Permalink
    Hi boo

    I struggle with the same things and these products helps me

    Primer-benefit pore rescue you can purchase at Edgars
    Foundation-Mac you can purchase at Edgars and Mac stores
    Pressed powder- Avon Colour trend pressed powder (keep in your bag with your kabuki brush if you going out all day to top up your face after a few hours)

    exfoliate once a week with face brush to deep clean and Justine Oil control after exfoliating apply a face mask tone and moisture your face
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    Tuesday, December 04 2018, 07:35 PM - #Permalink
    Hey love

    So I have the same problem, I'm currently using Garnier products for skin, I've tried neutrogena but that's not for pur skin type, it made my skin worse but kept it moisturized. I'm still looking for a good foundation, I've tried NYX & fit me but I'm still not satisfied with it. The fit me foundation is way better than NYX as it doesn't allow your skin to produce more oil and gives a better coverage + it has a primer already in the foundation.

    My suggestion is that if you have a medium/olive/mediterranean skin color you shouldn't try the MAC foundation, as it doesn't provide the colour youre actually looking for, it has an orange tone to it and looks cakey on our types of skin.

    For tools, the swiitch beauty 10 piece brush set works wonders. I highly recommend their brushes as it applies so well and give you a good fresh look.

    I'm currently trying some concealers and other products out from clicks and there stores , I will update you on more things as I try them out.

    Much love,
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    Monday, December 10 2018, 01:44 PM - #Permalink
    Hey love!

    I have very similar skin issues and have struggled with acne since puberty. I've found that the Cetaphil Oil Control face wash and moisturiser (available at pharmacies and probably Clicks and Dischem too) are pretty miraculous. Makeup-wise, I can't rave enough about Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless. I am super pale and this shade range works well for me.

    Best of luck!
    G xx
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