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Knowing Your Hair Type Is KEY!

I have history of damaged hair, simply because I didn't know my hair type :(

I now have a head full of hair that grows healthily with little effort - many times its even mistaken for a hair extension.
Before you do anything, KNOW what you are working with to make the best choices for styling and treatment else you will waste time and money on products and techniques that are wrong for your hair type.

I know these below hair types according to me and my daughters as well as my sister. There are more and it helps to find out.
Where does your hair fall?
1. Curly
2. Coiled >> loose Afro
3. Very Coiled >> tight Afro
4. Zig zag coiled >> extremely tight Afro

1. Curly Hair Care --
go heavy on the moisture (butters / puddings/ cremes etc)
Only use wide tooth combs, moisturizing shampoo, deep conditioner and heavy leave-ins after every wash. Dont use a towel to dry your hair, allow your hair to drip dry or blow dry on a low setting with the hair dryer diffuser attached. Don't brush your hair on order to reduce frizz, moisturize daily. Lastly get your hair cut by a specialist

2. Coiled to Very Coiled to Zig-zag Coiled Hair Care --
this hair tends to be dull with low sheen, it can even shrink so much that you confuse it from its true length. Its known as the driest and most delicate. A myth is that this hair type can't grow long. I have proven that it can and the effort is minimal. focus on infusing and retaining moisture.

Use a lot of moisturizing shampoos, deep conditioners and leave-ins. Run after any product that hydrates and seals the hair (butters, natural oils, hair gels etc)
Be CAREFUL because this hair is easily damaged by rough handling, heat and chemicals. Any wrong move = will set you back months and sometimes, you cant recover from the damage.
Invest in a good wide tooth comb or even use your fingers or a hair pick to detangle it, remember to detangle moving from ends to roots. It works best when done on wet condition coated hair. When washing once a week, always deep condition and cover it with moisturizers daily. Not just any moisturizer but hydrating ones -- dont forget your ends please. Be gentle gentle gentle please! And those heat tools are a big NO, use at minimum or else you will be shedding that head soon enough. Be creative and cover your head with creative head scarves (silky please) so that you dont have to have a full week of hair combing etc (let it REST).

What works wonders for me you ask?

I shampoo my hair weekly with silicone free shampoo under warm to slightly cold water (avoid hot water as it strips the hair). Many shampoos also strip the hair of its natural oils - choose well please. This is followed by heavy conditioning after I semi dry it with a clean towel. Leave a little water in the hair to work the conditioner best. I use coconut and olive based conditioners along with a wide comb to distribute the conditioner evenly. I also use my fingers to massage my scalps and then cover my head with a head cover. The longer the conditioner sits in the hair, the better. If the hair is tangled, this is the best time to detangle it (when the conditioner is in the hair. The rinse it thorough with warm water and blot dry. Use a flat wide brush to dry it off using low medium heat and an infuser attached. Do not dry it until all the hair is completely dry, allow it to be left with at least 10% of the water and let it dry off the rest on its own. Remember that water is best friends with African hair at all times. Seal the hair with a good serum and avoid heavy sprays and oils in order for your hair to breath and your pores not to be stripped. Your hair can produce its own oils, same with your scalp - help it by using that extra moisture that it need. Opt for moisturizers like olive oils, coconut oils, jojoba oils, tea tree oils etc as they are light on the hair. Avoid alcohol based moisturizers and chemicals >> chemical based activities should be left for professionals always. Do not stress your hair roots and scalp with tight hairstyles.

And NO you cant change your hair type, its genetic. Just know what to do and you will flourish with a healthy head on your shoulders
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