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How to keep your natural hair moisturised

Hi BB,

Natural hair is naturally dry and lacks lots of moisture. I have very dry hair and this is what I started doing to keep my natural hair moisturised and healthy. Switch out your regular Sulphate shampoo for a sulphate free shampoo. Use Silicone free Conditioners[u][/u] (Tresemme Botanique Conditioner is my fav) to detangle your hair (remember to use a wide tooth comb). DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENTS are very very very needed for natural hair, I deep condition my hair once a week and apply a plastic cap for 30min to penetrate heat. Once I rinse my hair I move on to styling using the LCO method: L- Leave in conditioner, C- cream, O - Oil. By using this method my hair stays moisturised until my next wash day. Please feel free and drop some of your moisturising hair tips in the comments below.

Thineca :):D
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