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Faux locs as protective style

Melanie Lu
Melanie Lu
I've been obsessing over faux locs ever since Zendaya wore them (minus the controversy that followed) and been trying to gather up the courage to do it myself. I've been hesitant mainly because I wasn't sure it would suit me but a friend of mine did hers recently (she has an amazing afro btw) and I totally loved it on her. I recently saw Terry Pheto did it as well and she looked absolutely gorgeous. I want to do this as my winter protective style, anyone tried it before? Any advice for me?
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    Wednesday, April 20 2016, 07:46 AM - #Permalink
    I tried them, had them on for two months (they last) and by the time I wanted to remove them people were still complementing me (they looked like my real dreads) I have an afro so everything blended well together. I suggest you give them a shot. your inner goddess will love you for it.;)
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