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Purging can occur whenever a new product is introduced into your regimen. Usually you would get breakouts in the areas where you tend to normally break out. This can last for up to 1-2 weeks until your skin has acclimated. This is why you should only incorporate new products 1 at a time & give them at least 1 month before incorporating the next one. If you start using too many products at once you will not be able to pin point which one is causing problems if irritation occurs.


Your skin can react to a multitude of ingredients. If you experience persistent redness & irritation your skin is most likely reacting to something. You will also break out over the entire surface of where you applied the product to instead of just concentrated areas. Reaction is more like a rash. If you have only introduced 1 new product you can easily discontinue use. If you introduced several new products you need to discontinue 1 product every 5-7 days until you find the culprit. Discontinue using that product and re-introduce the other products slowly.
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    Thursday, October 22 2020, 01:05 PM - #Permalink
    I experienced this recently when I decided to embark on the journey with my skin. I started out with a wide range of products and that didn't seem to work. Stopped using all products and started steaming my face. Went on a week's worth of steaming and realised that I was getting more pimples than I started out with. I was steaming and using only tissue oil to moisturize my face. After a month or two that's when I started to use and substitute my products. Currently I'm only using a 3 step method to washing my face and my pimples are getting better. My problem now are the large black spots being left behind and heat rash
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