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Create your own lip kit #KylieJennerStyle

Melanie Lu
Melanie Lu
So I've been obsessed with Kylie's lip kits as they're AMAZING but they're always sold out in 10 minutes or so :( I've decided to create my own with products I had in my make up bag and loved it! It's inexpensive and the products are readily available. First I had this really nice gloss from Clicks, HD Chroma in Frappuccino that I've paid R20 for and a lip liner from Alila in Earthy Brown that would probably cost you about R125 max (you can use any other brown lip liner you have). First prep your lips; I use a scrub of brown sugar and coconut oil which really work for me. Apply the lipliner all over your lips (my lips are quite pink so I have to go over it twice) oh and I always apply a bit of Vaseline before the pencil. Apply the lipgloss in the centre of your lips and mix it (I'm not sure what the correct term is) Viola, you've just created your own lip kit. Funny thing is we've been doing this for years and now the same thing is selling like hot cakes ;) (Before and After picture attached)
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