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Chicken Soup for the Soul

Hi Ladies

As women of the new age, we face many challenges.

We need to take care of our families, tend to households, pursue demanding careers, seek education and somewhere in there take time to nurture ourselves and our souls.

Its important to take time out to appreciate yourself, your contributions, efforts, beauty, take care of your health and have fun too.

We always try or should try to look our best no matter what. I think sometimes its hard to achieve the supermodel look and that is ok, we do not need to go to those extremes.
Many are dissatisfied with imperfections and let's face it, we all have those but not all have the means to change their appearances to that extent.

Personally, I often find myself uncomfrotable with the shape of my nose and wish I could change it but, I realised that I do not have the money to pay for a nose job and there is always contouring, I guess? We are all born differently and no one should be judged by the way they look. Everyone is beautiful in their own way!

In school we were taught that if you are beautiful inside, you will also look it so my beauty tip is:

Appreciate yourself including all your imperfections. (some people might actually consider your imperfections and beauty traits)
Live each day as if its your last and spread the love all around you.
Use make up and treat yourself. Nothing beats a spa treatment or new hairstyle; even a facial can make a difference .
Wear your favourite fragrance and do not be stingy with the application. Spray or apply as much as you want.
Seek challenges and look for ways on how to improve yourself. Do charity work, spend time with frienda and family or take a much needed holiday.

Finally, never ever forget to be grateful and thank YOURSELF for being the person that you are. We are all special in every single way.

Celebrate being a woman in 2015.
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