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Breakage and Dry Scalp

We tend to over work our hair with out constant styling, heat, chemicals, overwashing and sometimes just tying your hair up all the time can cause strain on it.

I have a few tips that seems to work on my hair for breakage, minimal split ends and dry scalp.

The most important thing is to remember that you DO NOT need to wash your hair often. Once or twice a week at most is enough. Your hair has it's own natural oils that help it grow and stay strong and overwashing washing prevents that oil from doing its job. If you feel like it is dirty, invest in a dry shampoo :)

Another important tip is to remember to condition your hair after each wash. This is so important because it smoothens out your hair reducing breakage when you comb it out.

Next, avoid combing your hair with a normal comb whilst your hair is still wet- hair is pretty vulnerable when it is wet so if you are going to comb it, Use a wet Brush or a super wide toothed comb just to detangle it before drying.

Deep conditioning or hair masks once every two months or so are very important. This helps strengthen your hair :)

For my ladies that enjoy weaves and plaits- try to reduce how long you keep you hair in those styles and do not do them constantly. Your hair needs to breathe in order to go healthily. Plaiting also deminishes your hairline if you do it to frequently and we dont want that.

A great tip for dealing with dry scalp/dandruff is to moisturize your scalp. But be careful not to over do is as this can and will weigh down your hair making it appear greasy,lifeless and dull.

Some products that i like to use include #tresemmekeratinsmooth shampoo and conditioner, #Drmiracles leave in conditioner, #darkandLovely scalp treatment. #amlalegend night wrap and just for bit of shine withhout weighing down my hair #OliveOil sheen spray.

I hope these tips are helpful to you guys.

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