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Apply Make Up In 5 Minutes Flat

Many times, it seems mornings are just not on our side yet we cannot compromise on our look. It means 5 minutes has to cover all basics and leave us looking uncompromised >

>> Skip all steps that needs time to perfect i.e contouring, priming etc.
>> Use your fingers as much as you can and where possible. You will waste less time and using fingers gets the job done effectively.
>> Leave out all precise techniques i.e eyeliner. A rather smudged smoky eye is quicker and funky as well, bold too!
>> Some products are multi-purpose and can be used to work a multi-miracle i.e highlighter that is used on the cheeks, will also brighten up the inner corners of your.
>> The final leg in pulling this look together, is a very quickly finish with a bright bold lipstick.
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