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You Took My Money, Promised The World & Broke My Heart!


I am breaking up with you!  You lured me in with your fake promises...telling me how beautiful we could be together, how you could make my skin tingle, my face glow and relax me in ways no one else could.....I am now left sad depressed and lonely with no one to fill your void.....sob.


I walked into your store, lured by the beautiful display and amazing aromas, and was instantly taken in by your store assistants who helped me fill my baskets and told me how amazing you were.  I bought everything I thought I would ever need not only for myself but friends and family so they too could benefit from you.  You not only promised to make me look and feel amazing but you were good to nature as well and with any relationship, I look for that in all relationships.

I took you into my home and gave you price position in the shower and around the bathtub and for awhile I was happy, you seemed to promise everything and more but then everything started crumbling apart.....

Your amazing fizz ball that oozed amazing smells that I had kept for when I wanted to simmer in the bath for a good hour with my book left me wanting.  I initially cut it in half thinking it smelt so strong and I wanted to spare some for my next bath. I dropped it into the water and instead of smelly amazing there was a bi carby smell and very little oil.  I then went to look at the other half I left and noticed on a small layer had the nice smelling blueberry oils and the rest was just slightly coloured bi-card.  I dropped the second half in thinking I was being silly for thinking such a think but still my bath lacked any smell or oils worth sinking into.  I was shocked, I was sad and my bath lasted 5 mins as I got ruined my evening.

I then started to notice the other products werent quite living up to thier promises either and the huge collection I bought for my husband was found hidden away in the spare bathroom.  When I asked him about it he said he didnt want to disappointment me as he knoew I spent alot of money and really liked you.  Even the shampoo he initially loved turned to mush and we couldnt get it out of the tin, even though we would spend a while after using it dabbing it with a dry cloth.

We had a promising relationship but now I am ending it! You know who you are! I am going to find a store that loves me , and my money, enought to deliver on promises and give me the quality I deserve....and I cheated on you this weekend with Antjies fizz ball from Wellness Warehouse!


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