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#Yoga - Meditation, Day 2

#Yoga - Meditation, Day 2




My second day was a mad one. My body was on the sore side due to the jog on Monday. And as all offices go loco about this time of the year, mine was no better. Financial year is a drag for real! Anyhow, I survived eating on the run and barely having time to go to the bathroom.


On the bright note, Tuesday is yoga day for me. So, I had to attend my 90 minute yoga class, I just couldn’t afford to skip it. I needed this time to focus on me, my mental and physical health, and to leave the world with its problems behind.


The 90 minutes of meditation, sun salutations and forward bends, never fail to relax and soothe me back on an even footing. This is my best 90 minutes of the week, it’s the ultimate mind cleanse.


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