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Hi there Beauties :-)!

There is something I have to tell you ... Unfortunately I am not able to tell it to you from my lips but from my finger tips . I have to introduce my newest bestie Longwear Lips by Yardley lol. 

For many years even while growing up I never liked lipstick. As a little girl I thought it was yuck! And hated the lipstick mark on my cheek once older aunts kissed me. I tried my moms "secretly" ssshh! dont tell and always rubbed in off immediately because I just could not stand it. Up until six months ago when I was introduced to this beauty. I tried it after several other lipsticks and just loved the shade as well as the feeling on my lips. I was generally looking for something that lasts a while meaning a lipstick that will last from the moment I left home up until about after church..kind of thing. Longwear Lips offered that and was affordable ( R99.99 each). at the time. I have also noticed that during eating and drinking it fades which decreases the wear time period.


This lipstick is filled with vibrant colour that goes softly and smoothly.This may be the reason why I like it so much as I can hardly feel it when its on my lips. I sometimes have to check in the mirror just to make sure it's still there. It contains vitamin E extracts which replenishes moisture. However I have found that it leaves my lips a bit flakey after a while but the colour lasts that I can assure you.This can be found in fourteen different shades yet I am currently using seductive rose. mwah! 



I have been playing around with the colour and I have noticed that I can either tone it up by applying more than once. This gives a bolder fuller look to my lips or I combine it with a pink shade which gives a total different feel. I would advice you to head over to your nearest Foschini or Edgards store to get your shade or Zando.


So look no further and get your favorite shade today!

Hope you enjoyed my review.



Please let me know if you have experienced anything else so we can share it together.

Much Love 






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