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Yardley Illuminating Primer

Yardley Illuminating Primer

Until about a year ago I have never tried any primers before. It is quite new and with me being a total old fashioned noob, I never really paid much attention to stuff like that in store before. 

Then I started to try them one by one, and now it is one of those items that I just cannot go without anymore. Then I received this new on from Yardley from BB to try, and I am literally blown away. 

What Yardley says:

Reduces the appearance of fine lines. 

Extends foundation wear. 

It has a creamy, white consistency. To me this product smells fresh and like Yardley. If you love Yardley products like I do, then you will know what I mean when I say that it smells like 'Yardley'. 

Even though the consistency is thick and creamy, it applies smoothly and quickly without any fuss. You do not really need to use a lot of product and rub it onto your skin, it only needs to be patted on your skin in a gentle motion. It feels fresh and very lightweight on my skin. 

Now, Yardley claims that it extends foundation wear, but I have always been one that choose the lasting foundations, so to put this product to the test, I opted into using more light foundations that does not usually last me the whole day, to see if those claims are true. This primer actually made those foundations last a good 3 hours longer than what they normally would have. For me, that is the last 3 hours at work every day where the magic powers of my foundation wears off and I feel like a wilted flower. 

It also creates a flawless canvas to create a masterpiece of makeup on. A flawless airbrushed look with a little bit of radiance thrown into the mix. Not too much shine, just enough to give your skin a healthy glow. 

I have also found with other primers that they tend to make my skin feel sweaty after a few minutes, which haven't happened with this product yet. It allows your skin to still breath. 

If you are in the market for a primer that does a lovely job, then this one might be the one for you. I am very happy using this product and is not going to stop using it very soon. 

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