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Woolworths so worthy

Woolworths so worthy

I have been using these 3 amazing products ever since I received them from Beauty Bulletin & had promised on my previous Beauty Diary that I will be writing a full review once I have used them for weeks so here it is as follows;

Woolworths Love Your Skin Extreme Moisture Body Lotion

I'll first start with the packaging which is more convenient to me; it's a cream tube in 200ml with a golden finish. I like body lotions which come in tube than containers with lids they are safer to use: hygienic related & handy too.

Its texture is creamy which is easily absorbed by the skin and it's not greasy or sticky, white in color with a lovely scent of cocoa butter. This lotion has Cocoa butter, Vitamin E & Glycerin for that naturally glowing and nourished skin. These ingredients are known to be doing wonders on the skin, it's actually one of the most foods for the skin to keep it moisturized & looking healthy especially during a dry season.

I'm falling in love with this Woolworths range because I've never used it before & had overlooked them at the store with no idea that they were this amazing. I love this body lotion because it really delivers as stated on the packaging and does not contain harsh ingredients. It doesn't leave the skin shiny, itchy and flakey.We all know how cocoa butter smells, it's calming too. It locks in moisture all day long.

My skin feels fresh, healthy and nourished.

It's available at Woolworths store for R59.99; I will be investing on these products.

Woolworths Love Your Hands Protective Finishing Butter SPF 15

Oh my I love this hand butter!

The moment I ripped off the yellow delivery packaging I quickly washed my hands and I applied it, was taken by the way it moisturizes my skin especially because it came at a right time where I struggled with my hands being dry & chapped in winter so you can just imagine since it's said to repair damaged tissue.

The packaging is also a tube 100ml, white in color with a shiny turquoise finish.

It has a creamy texture, nice scent as if it has a grape fruit in it though for now I can't actually familiarize with the scent but it's nice and I can just smell it in the room when applied on skin. I just apply it and massage it into my hands.

This hand butter has SPF 15, UVA & UVB for protectant against the sun's harsh rays (I stand to be corrected but very few hand lotions which have these in them). It has arginine to repair the damaged tissue. This protecting finishing butter contains polysaccharides that penetrate deeply into the skin for maximum moisture.

It has helped me a lot on repairing my damaged hands now I know what to stock for my hands.

It's available at Woolworths store for R69.99

Woolworths Love Your Skin Argan Oil Cocooning Body Balm

This has to be one of the good products I've owned…

This body balm comes in a clear tub with sliver lid and blush color on it which is my favorite color, lovely packaging.

Its texture is creamy too smoother than yoghurt, white in color and has a lovely lovely scent which is so calming, fresh and the cocoa dominates mostly. It is so easily absorbed on skin, for a calming night sleep I apply it after night bath time leaving my bath room smelling awesome that's the effect it has and I also use it during the day.

This amazing body balm has Argan oil, cocoa and Shea butter for intense hydration. Argan oil is a known powerful anti-oxidant and moisturizing agent that helps keep hair, skin and nails hydrated not forgetting healthy too. It's rich in Vitamin E and saturated fatty acids helping to store the skin's moisture layer and increases nutrient & oxygen levels.

I love this product; it leaves my skin smelling nice, nourished, moisturized, healthy and hydrated.

It's available at Woolworths store for R180.00

All these products are approved by Beauty without Cruelty

  • No harsh ingredients
  • Proven 24hr moisture
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Approved by toxicologist
  • Products of RSA

Tried, tested and proven.

Beauties these are worth having &writing a blog about, I give Woolworths Love Your Skin/ Hands range thumbs up!

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