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Women's Day - The #LipstickEffect

Women's Day - The #LipstickEffect

Growing up I have always disliked my very broad and wide forehead. Having faint eyebrows even made it look worse I felt  miserable and  increased the surface area of my face. Being in school I was unable to wear make up and make myself look pretty, I had to be very natural. The moment I started playing around with make up I felt a bit confident.

The first make up product I used was the pencil liner. I fell inlove with the pencil liner as I could broaden my eyebrows and define them therefore spicing up my face and giving it a boost. This made me feel good and quite lookable.

The challenge I had mostly was the absence of interested "parties" when it comes to love life. I felt that being natural made me look less attractive and because I used to be mocked because of my very big forehead this made me feel that no one would be interested in me. I decided to start using a pencil liner to define my eyebrows, underneath my eyes and on my lips. I would ensure that every weekend I do not leave the house without ensuring that my face is well made and bright.

As time passed I started getting noticed by guys and it boosted my confidence so much I ended up having too many guys on my case. This resulted in me investing in more make up products as I started purchasing foundation powder, lip gloss and eyeshadow. I slowly became an expert in using the pencil liner and made sure that if I had a date I would spend 2 to 3 hrs on the mirror perfecting each and every part of my face.




With the use of my pencil liner my broad forehead became an advantage as I could now play around with the surface area on my face to accomodate blushes, eyeshadow and even lipstick. I can imagine having a small face and trying to apply all these products it only makes one's face crowded. I am happy this has worked to my advantage indeed



I am a confident and proud woman today because I have sought comfort in playing around with my make up products and I give most credit to my pencil liner. It has been there for me in most occassions and is always handy. I can never imagine my life without it!


Thank you Beauty Bulletin for taking me back where I started. Its been a journey indeed. I found love through the beauty that I have invested in over the years!








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