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Women's Day - The #LipstickEffect

Women's Day - The #LipstickEffect

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Beauty Bulletin is the biggest online beauty community in South Africa, who not only inspired and encouraged me to start blogging but helped in building irreplaceable friendships. Although, I am not as active on the site as I used to be, I check in at least twice a week just to read through the recent activity. What continues to make my heart smile, is how the members are there for one another.


Recently, they’ve launched the #LipstickEffect campaign/competition, which I read through briefly, but didn’t really feel that it appealed to me. Until last night.



Last night, I was trying to keep myself awake during the last hour of my shift, so decided to put on Netflix and watch season 2, episode 9 of NY Ink. The episode featured a son getting a tattoo in tribute of his mom who has been fighting cancer for 3 years (and is still going strong!). He got a lipstick tube with a pin-up girl, with his mom’s features, and the text saying, “just put on your lipstick”


Talia, famously known for her battle with cancer,

loved to express herself with makeup tutorial on YouTube


Her attitude is that she can’t try fixing cancer, she can’t change the circumstance so she is just going to put on her lipstick and face the day. After her surgery, the first thing she said was, “just pass me my lipstick!”



I haven’t been able to shake her story and writing this post kept playing over in my head.


You see, often the world assumes that we, as woman, are hiding behind cosmetics. That makeup and beauty products are covering imperfections, are remodelling us into something we’re not or that we are trying to hide behind a mask.




But we’re not.


Make-up, for me, is empowerment. It can take a woman’s confidence from zero to hero in an instance. It’s not about hiding, but rather about coming out! Make-up accentuates what we already have.


Sure, it can hide that nasty chicken-pox scar, on my forehead. But it hides it from you – so you’re not drawn to staring and judging me by my imperfections but rather, you’re forced to see past it. It gives me that opportunity to show you my personality and gives me the confidence to say, “Hey – there are brains behind this face!


I always say that each and every single woman has something that another envies. So we look past our chubby thighs, our flabby arms and pear-shaped bodies. We look for that little thing that someone else sees as beautiful and we work it.


Personally, I love my eyes. They’re the perfect combo of my mom and dad. I work hard at choosing colours that make them shine! I get a sense of freedom of expression, when I glance over a new pallet of shades, all waiting to do their job of beautifying nature’s gifts. I take my time in applying, smearing and blending, as each layer highlights the last. And then, I pull out the magic wand- my mascara. Without mascara, I feel that my brown eyes are beady, and if I smile, they kind of get lost in my cheeks. But add a flick of extra-black mascara, and I feel like I am worth a million bucks – and you know what? I am – because I am sooo worth it!




Mascara is my backbone to any outfit! It is the LBD that you wear when you know you might bump into his ex, it’s the red pair of Louis Vuitton that you’ll never tell anyone the price of, it’s that pair of jeans that you won’t bother to ask because you know your butt looks fine. Masacara is my secret weapon.


Cosmetics has not only given me the confidence to grab every opportunity that I can flutter my pretty-long lashes at, it has been the foundation to this blog. Originally, I hid behind simple and unimaginative reviews that have slowly gained momentum and have become my true expression. I no longer feel that I have to like what everyone else likes, I can be me. The me who has an opinion, a personality and a knack with words.


Let’s admit that the world isn’t always the prettiest place. And we as women are open to facing horrible things like breast cancer, miscarriages and so much more! But every morning, we put on our lipstick and get back up. We find the strength and motivation in the littlest of things, because we know that without our little contribution to our families, friends and work – things would fall apart.


We are women. We are proud. We are Beautiful!


What makeup has done for others:







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