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Winter skin of mine

​Every winter it's the same old story for me, I'm plagued with dry skin.. No matter what I do or don't do it's there like a curse.. On my face the targeted areas are on both sides of my nose, sides of my lips and just above my chin.. It intensifies as winter does.. I've tried everything but sandpaper which I'm quite tempted to use at the moment but with my luck even that won't work.. My dermatologist says to keep hydrated, to be honest, in winter I do drink less water than I usually do but that's not the reason for my predicament.. It is what it is... The absolute worst part is applying foundation over these areas.. Obviously foundation is going to make these dry spots look like a raised rash and yes it does!!  

I've tried a remedy out that helps me get rid of these dry patches but just for that day.. At least the foundation can go on smoothly and look good.. A paste made up of lemon juice and baking soda.. I apply it and leave it for a bit and before washing off you just want too rub a bit as you would a scrub.. My goodness it even gets rid of blackheads.. Those patchy flaky dry bits on my problem areas disappear, if only for a day.. It may be a permanent fix for you though so give it a try.. Also it works wonders as a lip scrub, over time, if used regularly, it will lighten dark lips.. 

I'd love to hear your winter woes regarding your skin and what steps you take to treat it ♥ 

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