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Winter Make Up Trends

Winter Make Up Trends

Winter may possibly be the best time to change your look and experiment with make-up. With the cold weather comes layers of (usually dark) clothing that can at times look dull. Normally during this chilly season make up is bold and dark so you could easily get away with heavy eye make-up or lips.

Keep in style this winter, for the biggest make up trends at the moment.

Bold eyebrows

When it comes to make up, your eyebrows can bring together your whole look. This is why it’s important that your eyebrows are correctly shaped and maintained to pull off this look.  To avoid the drawn on effect, do not use a black pencil. Use either a brow powder or a soft brow pencil that can easily be smudged with a clean mascara wand. When following this trend, it’s important that you keep the rest of your make up subtle and natural, or your face will look too busy. For bold brow inspiration, check out Cara Delevingne’s gorgeous brows.

Red lipstick and nail polish

These should actually be staples in your make up kit, as come autumn and winter time red is always stylish, trendy and fashionable. Deep, wine and oxblood shades are particularly popular this season. Always make sure that the shade of red matches your skin tone. If you’re uncertain, visit your nearest beauty counter.

Plum and Berry shades

If you’re confident enough, plum or berry lipstick should be in your make up kit. Popular lip products at the moment are lip stains and chubby sticks as they are long lasting and convenient. Remember to keep the rest of your make up subtle, as plum is a strong colour and having too much make up on will make your face look busy.

Winged liner

Perfect with red lipstick, winged eyeliner is a popular choice on and off the catwalk. To perfect your line, use gel liner as it’s easy to use and steady your hand. I personally prefer an angled brush as it’s easy to create the wing with it. The best part of this trend is that you can make your liner as thick as you like. Although black is the most versatile colour, it also looks great with brown or purple liner. Cobalt blue liner is also a popular choice.

Flushed cheeks

When following this trend the rest of your make up should be subtle as the aim of this trend is to look slightly flushed. Use a high blush brush to spread an orange-red blush on the apples of your cheeks. The aim is to look flushed and not that you have actually apples on your cheeks so be sparing with the blusher.


If you follow these trends, you’ll always be fabulous.

Bye Bye Dry, Itchy Scalp
leopard print NEON NAILS ;)

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