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What's beauty?

What's beauty?

Okay, there are so many definitions of beauty and many different types of tools to measure this beauty. Some women are beautiful because they take amazing photographs with make-up done by professional make-up artists. Some are beautiful because they represent what the media and the public say beauty represents and their face can sell a product just because they are the ambassador for that brand.  

I know it's "cliche" to say that "beauty is only skin deep." I think every person can be beautiful but not necessarily an outward beauty. I have met people who are stunning to look at but that's as far as it goes. Their self-importance, vanity and pride get in the way of actually getting to know them as a person and sometimes that "real" person is actually not beautiful.  I have met beautiful people but it's not because their outward beauty is breathtaking but rather, their inner person is amazing. I think one of the most amazing attributes for a woman is her gentleness or kindness towards others. People gravitate towards that kind of person.

I know that I can come off as "harsh" but deep down, I am a softy. I'll never say it out loud. Maybe one day, I'll "say it loud, say it proud."  Until that day, I'll keep working on my inner beauty and hope that is what other people will see. As far as the outer...thank goodness there are amazing makeup techniques and products to help out there!



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