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What Lipstick Shape Are You?

My Zodiac sign is Gemini, and you can generally tell a lot about a person from the date they were born.  Personality traits and so on...

But although your favorite lip gloss may never tell what the future holds for you, the shape of your lipstick can tell us a bit about your personality.  

What are you on about, I hear you say....Oh yes!

One can tell a LOT by the shape your lipstick becomes after a while...we're not talking about a brand new, freshly twisted lipstick - we're talking about your well-used, favourite lipsticks.  The more we use it, the more we shape it into our personality.

So, open your cosmetic bag and a get a few of your favourite lippies.  Take the cap off, twist the bullet high enough to see the shape...

Let me know what lipstick shape you are and if the psychologists are right or way off!  I'm a FLAT through-and-through.


A lipstick shaped on the diagonal indicates a creative personality, somewhat daring, sincere, but not always practical. She has an outgoing and vivacious nature; she adores her family and friends and is possessive in love. Often chatty, she’s a born leader and possesses an excellent memory. Be on the lookout for sudden mood changes and off-hand humour.

This lipstick reveals a methodical person who knows what she wants in life. An unflagging worker, she knows how to show consideration towards others and proves to be an amusing and pleasant friend. She is very frugal, yet never stingy. She pays attention to small details. She loves to be around animals.

This shape indicates a fascinating person who is attracted towards the romantic or beautiful side of life. Yet she’s a realist, knows her own mind and will seize a good opportunity when it comes along. She’s intelligent, organized and a little aloof. She always puts up a pleasant front, but rarely reveals what’s behind it.

A woman who uses her lipstick in this way, and up to the very end of the tube, is a person who knows the value of a dollar. She needs to have the approval of others. She is sensitive, affectionate, lively and tries to please those who are close to her. She knows how to manage her finances. She loves travel and sports. She is also an excellent wife and homemaker.

When you see a lipstick in a flat shape, it indicates an upbeat personality. Its owner is someone who gets right to the point in everything and detests superficial people. She is objective, but occasionally impatient and may hurt others without meaning to. She’s also determined, ambitious and always perseveres. She’s not easily fooled, since she is able to see through duplicity and lies.

An interesting combination, flat across the top and evenly rounded on the sides. The owner of this lipstick possesses a friendly, agreeable nature, an easy-going nature, but can often be gullible. She knows how to keep a secret and is slow to anger. She forgives very easily. She is very particular in carrying out her work. She’s not fond of change.

This shape indicates a double personality . . . this person feels caught between a desire to be true to herself and have peace of mind, and her passion for adventure. This is a complex woman who can’t stay still… who seems happy, but who is at heart a very serious person. She loves music and the arts. By nature sincere and affectionate, she is a generous friend. She has her own ideas and opinions, but never imposes them on others.


The sign of an elegant person, with a flair for drama and refined tastes. She keeps up with the most sophisticated fashion trends and loves to surround herself with beautiful things, deluxe, quality objects. She's hesitant about making decisions, she takes good care of her possessions, and values her personal freedom highly. She has no difficulty in attracting admirers.

Does your lipstick shape fit your personality?

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