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What Does Your Lipstick Say About You?

What Does Your Lipstick Say About You?

Even though most girls own a dizzying array of lipsticks, there is always one colour that we go back to! Be it a shade that is within your comfort zone or a bold colour which provides an instant boost of confidence – that shade is ‘The One’ for you! We’ve decoded exactly what your favourite lipstick shade says about you!

Disclaimer: Obviously a woman cannot be defined in just one way… we are complicated creatures! So just take our analysis with a pinch of salt and a dash of lipstick!


Light Pinks

Style Code: Soft and feminine.
Guys, you can never go wrong with flowers for these pink loving ladies! Addicted to weepy movies, Nicholas Spark’s novels and grand gestures, you soft hearted ladies adore romance! Sweet, caring and delicate are words which are often used to describe you!

Hot Pink

Style Code: Fun, fun, and more fun!
Need someone to dance with? Call upon a girl with a bold pink lip! Sassy, daring, and with a zest for life – you are the life of every party!


Style Code: Sexy and strong
Creative, focused but yet mysterious, you draw people to you like a magnet! With these ladies, what you see is not what you get… and we mean that in the best way! You can often be found in deep conversation over the mysteries of life.


Style Code: Adventurous
Orange lipstick is not for the faint hearted! You tend walk on the wild side of life! Friends call upon you when they go skydiving or need a partner to try out exotic cuisines (pineapple sushi, anyone?)!


Style Code: Classy
Glamorous, confident and bold – three words that describe you! Never one to shy away from a task, red lipped ladies are born ambitious! Equally at ease at a cocktail party or in the boardroom, you are a role model to those around you!

Blacks, blues and the other funky shades

Style Code: Unpredictable
No one can ever accuse you of being boring! Full of surprises and ready to try out anything, you always have the best stories to tell!


Style Code: Sophisticated, yet simple.
Girls who love a nude lip are confident in their own skin. You have all the qualities of a perfect best friend – honest, drama-free, and down to earth!

Let me know what your shade says about you in the comments below!

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