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Wet n Wild adventures (part 1)

Wet n Wild adventures (part 1)


Riding the Wet n Wild Wave with these eye shadow palettes!

Well, love strikes when you least expect it and Cupid got a clear shot with me and Wet n Wild! It was love at first swatch


I got the Comfort Zone and Petal Pusher palettes at Clicks in Rosebank Mall, Johannesburg.

Each palette is packed with eight gorgeous and insanely pigmented shades.  

The versatility of these palettes is incredible.  And you can create simple everyday looks from simple everyday looks to glitzy  I’ve said play with your make up, you could start the next BIG trend not . . .

Either way, it - make up, you can take it off!

The total amount of the shadows you get in one of these palettes is 8,5g, that’s just over 1 gram of product per eye shadow. Now, considering that one MAC single eye shadow is 1,5g, I’d say Wet’n Wild packed a lot of product into one pan and I’m stoked that they did, no?


The palette is divided into 2 vertical rows. With four pans in each row,

The eye shadows are have the words Browbone, Eyelid, Crease and Definer etched on the top of every single shadow going from top to bottom in that sequence.



This is great for beginners because it takes the guesswork out of where to put each shadow and when to throw in the next shade.

The back of the palette simplifies things even further.



It has a numbered diagram of the eye area showing where the eye shadows should be applied: 1 Browbone, 2 Eyelid, 3 Crease, and 4 Definer.

 It also gives you a guide using the number system to create different looks:

You get the Sweet Look, Flirty Look, Dramatic Look and Wild Look (I am assuming that the wild look is super, sexy, statement eyes and hope it’s not the

in-the-gutter thought I have in my head at the moment).


The palettes went to a school of the gifted,  you can choose any Browbone, Eyelid, Crease and Definer colour combo and it will compliment each other. Now that’s genius! Smarter than my friend, the one I told you got 100% for Maths and Chemistry at university.


The palette comes with a dual ended applicator with an angled brush one end and a sponge tipped applicator on the other. I bin these.

The palette itself is made of flimsy plastic with the see-through cover being very poor quality. It opens easily but makes me nervous because I feel that the lid is going to pop out, fly across the room and shatter! Can plastic shatter?

However, the shadows themselves are in metal pans so you can easily depot them and put then in a Z- pallete.

 Now, onto the eyeshadows, there aren’t any matte shades in both these palletes. That said most of the eye shadows have a  satin finish with a sheen to and others have noticible fine glitter no garish sparkles in sight. I would definitely invest in a good matte transition eyeshadow to get the most of this palette. Can anyone recommend one?

These bad boys are so opaque, some even more so than MAC shadows, yes, I have put it out there.

Interesting, there are a few Urban Decay and MAC dupes in these palettes. But that’s for another blog post I’m working on.


Here’s the thing about these eye shadows, you only need one stroke to get the maximum colour payoff. So you won’t have blend until you have no feeling in your hand to build up the intensity of the colours .


The shadows are soft and creamy but unlike other shadows with this formula, it has minimal fallout. You know the drill, the creamier and dreamier, the more the fallout the bigger the nightmare!

These Wet n Wild eye shadows are very easy to blend . . . these guys are the bizzness!

They seriously give high-end and other brands like NYX and L’Oreal a run for their money!


The eye shadows (drum roll please)

Comfort Zone is what I like to call the safe palette with earthy tones that is sure to suit everyone whose anyone.

 If you’re a fan of warm neutrals this is the palette for you.

The shades:


Left side:

Browbone: a cream with a soft frost finish (yes, frost can be soft).

Eyelid: dark pink/copper with a soft frost finish

Crease: warm copper/brown with sheen

Definer: deep chocolate brown plum with fine shimmer



Right side:

Browbone: pewter with a white sheen

Eyelid: Mid tone green with golden sheen

Crease: Softened black/brown with pearl

Definer: rust with a bluish/green duo-chrome. This is the hero of this palette. The duo chrome finish is stunning and you see hints of iridescence depending on light and angle.


I needed this in my life and with all these colours in the mix, you can play it safe but there are definitely shades that you can mix and blend to create sultry looks, especially smokey eyes with a twist. The possibilities are endless.




Petal Pusher

If you love pinks and purples, this feminine palette will be your BFF. Beauties with brown or green eyes will especially get a little more pop out of this.

That said, while the shades are more on the cooler side,the purple family doesn’t discriminate; it’s a hue that suits all skin tones and eye colours so anyone can rock this!


Left side

Browbone: lilac with a frosty white sheen.

Eyelid muted pink-lilac with pale gold shimmer.

Crease: Dark purple with a frost finish.

Definer: Violet with silver sparkle.




Browbone: pale pink with icy white in a high frost finish.

Eyelid: coppery rose/mauve with a soft frost finish.

Crease: blackened burgundy brown with a satin finish

Definer: grayish black with subtle green with a hint of sparkle.

The Browbone colour is the scariest colour to look at but in my opinion, it’s the hero of the palette because it’s the prettiest.


You can create soft romantic looks or purple and pink smokey eyes, vivid violet drama and a whole lot more with this palette

These eye shadows worn over primer can last between 6-8 hours with minimal fading. Applied wet, these guys take on a life of it’s own. Great if you want to use just one shade on an eye look with pop of intensity.

I have one word for these eye shadows . . . Iyarocka!


Where to buy: Selected Clicks stores with Wet n Wild counters

Price: R100 each

A real deal . . . for sho!

 Have you tried any Wet ’n Wild eyeshadows? Let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts J





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