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Weekly Challenge: Day 4 #OutOfYourComfortZone

b2ap3_thumbnail_Shelter_20140528-105700_1.pngb2ap3_thumbnail_water-well.pngb2ap3_thumbnail_Friends_20140528-105655_1.pngIts now my 4th day in this excruciating heat.. I've developed some fine lines due to the sun`s harshness.

Friends I've made too the dessert bush-men and women.. what a friendly bunch..


from their nama-language I could gather where I would be able to find stick and some dried out reeves, which helped me to build a shelter..

also I've located an old well with my some water in, heaven for hydrating my skin..


my BB cream you might be wondering, I've tucked away safely in my most prized possessions hidden in my shelter..

the nights and days are long, but as long as I've got my bushmen friends and my BB CREAM, im sure to keep going..


this cream helps to smooth my imperfected skin, leaving it smooth and protected by its SPF Factor.. beauty buy, every girl should own for sure! ;-)

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