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Week4: #OutOfYourComfortZone: A POP Of Colour

Week4: #OutOfYourComfortZone:  A POP Of Colour

This week's challenge has been awesome. I have managed to play around with colours I used to dread before. I can safely conclude that I can wear a pink lipstick and lipgloss. On my picture below I have applied some pink lipstick and used a colourless lipgloss just to give it a glow. I am one person who dreads these bright colours they are not for me but thank you Beauty Bulletin for the challenge I am confident now and I can rock up pink lipstick....xoxo




The next picture beneath I have used pink lipgloss it works out pretty the same as the pink lipstick if combined with the colourless lipgloss as I have done. I can grab some attention as my lips are doing the talking this is just beautiful!



I have enjoyed these challenges every step of the way and most importantly I have learnt to step out of my comfort zone and try out some daring make up stunts. This has just made me someone new.


I am so inlove with myself and everything about me am loving it.


I have had an awesome time. Looking forward to more challenges in the future!

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