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Week4: #OutOfYourComfortZone: A POP Of Colour

Week4: #OutOfYourComfortZone:  A POP Of Colour

Attention Attention!! I love attention! I feel wearing light make up does not reveal who I really am. Since I am dark I do feel that bright and darker shades bring attention to my eyes which are the windows to my soul. I also feel that one of the beautiful features in my face are my eyes therefore the need to bring that beauty out.


I love this challenge because I am quite addicted to eye shadows and what colour to wear does not really matter I am quite daring and I love experimenting. I have just played around with colour since my dad is an Artist I just find myself playing around with colours.


I have played around with blue,purple and a bit of gold eyeshadows and I am loving the results. I must admit I do look very visible and easy to spot.



Lastly I must say I do love this look and I am sure I can work around different shades and come up with something beautiful


I do look beautiful ...xoxo

A pop of color! Challenge 4

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