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Water - The source of Life and Beauty

Water - The source of Life and Beauty

I know that I need a minimum of 2 litres of water a day. Knowing this has not managed to convince my mostly-smart brain to bully my tummy to stomaching these litres. Even for the greater good of my overall health. I cannot for the life of me drink 2 litres of water a day without feeling sick especially if that water is not bottled sparkling water. Somehow my tummy can handle the fizzy water just fine, just not the tap variety. True story.


I know that 2 litres of fizzy bottled water per day do not make for an economic and eco-friendly lifestyle. I had to resort to the trickery of the senses to have a well hydrated body thus a healthy glowing skin.    




I am a sucker for good packaging and I do not care for chores. I find plain good old tap water in a plastic bottle not appealing and the water from the cooler is no better. To 'glam-up' my water drinking experience and to make it a joy instead of a chore, I add colour to it and serve it up in a lovely glass or cup. Colour does not have to equal to sugar or caffeine. Adding a slice of lemon, strawberries, mint or cucumbers can easily add colour to the water, making it visually appealing while adding a bit of flavour. Beautiful filtering and chilling water bottles are much better for drinking safer cold water and they come in funky designs and colours.




I love ginger and I find that grating fresh ginger into a cup of water or into my green tea makes for refreshing smelling hot brew with stomach soothing benefits. Not as visually appealing but good for the body and keeping the flu at bay this winter.




Lemon, ginger, a dash of milk --only for milk lovers-- or fruit and herbal infused teas do wonders in adding flavour to hot water.


My favourite fruit and herb tea that I need to buy shares in is the Cranberry Cinnamon & Apple tea from Woolworths. It smells and taste heavenly. It is only made of apple pomace, hibiscus, cinnamon, sweet berry leaves, cranberry pieces and rosehip. This tea needs no sugar or honey, it's a perfect winter warmer that tantalises and pleases the senses. Just talking about it makes me want a third cup, which I will be making as soon as the kettle boils.


If you are a fussy water drinker like I am. Do share how you keep your body and your lovely skin hydrated.  


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