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Wake up! My fav inner corner highlighter and its dupe!

Wake up! My fav inner corner highlighter and its dupe!

 All of us, I’m sure have at one time or another woken up in the morning with tired eyes . . . tired eyes that age you and make you look like a hot mess!

Highlighting the inner corner of your eye is a fantabulous way to catch a wake up! I know, this isn’t breaking news so don’t stop the press! Highlighting the inner corner of the eye has been around for a long time . . . not as old as kohl but as old as the Smokey eye. Get the timeline?

Placing a shimmery highlight to the inner corners of your eyes creates a bright, open, and youthful appearance. How does it work?

Basically, the shimmer reflects light and diffuses darkness (This is one time you want to look like a deer in the headlights). You look wide awake . .  not like Botox-Barbie-wide-awake but fresh, like you woke up that way . . .

How do you apply this? First, if you’re using a powder highlight, take your concealer over and up into the inner corner of the eye. This will give the powder something to stick to and increase the wear time. Any fine-tipped of small brush will do application or just use your fingers and lightly press the powder onto to inner corner of the eye on the side of your nose with your eyes closed and once you’ve opened them, you have pretty peepers.  Sho, that reminded me of school biology class.

MAC Nylon is my favourite inner corner shadow highlighter. It’s yellow undertone helps cancel redness. Beware . . . this product is highly pigmented and super frosted so use with light hand, you have been warned. .  . remember, you want to be in the spotlight, not look like one! Below is MAC Nylon watched.


MAC eye shadows are the best but they are expensive. I think NYX single eye shadows are the closest to MAC all-round. 

Drum roll please . . . Presenting . . .


NYX Barely There is almost identical to MAC Nylon.



The biggest difference is the finish. MAC nylon is a frost eye shadow so the finish is different like a yellow/champagne with a white overtone. (The one on my middle finger . . . that sounded disturbing)

The NYX shadow is more of a yellow gold shimmer and can be a bit chalky

On the eyes, you can barely tell them apart and NYX does just a great a job!


Where to MAC Nylon: MAC FFS, MAC counters across the country or

Price: R195  (1,5g)

Where to buy NYX: Barely There: Clicks

Price R70 (2,4g)

 A third of the price and double the amount of product . . . it’s a steal!

Would you learn about more dupes? Have you found a dupe of MAC Nylon? Let me know, I would love to know your experiences.



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