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Hey all my beauties ☺

I have something special and exciting to by WondaYou just for you. It might seem a little different to the usual beauty products I use and speak of but, I think this one can and will come in very handy.

I was approached by WondaYou Distributors  not so long ago and sponsored with a few products to try at my leisure. At first I was very unsure and thought that I don’t need and wondrous thing for my bust. I could not comprehend how it can help me as have not been blessed with many in that area and even told my mom about it before accepting the invitation. After a very successful by DiscountExt" href="#13027188"> meeting with the representative of the Company in SA. I felt very enlightened and extremely excited for my WondaYou journey.

What is WondaYou Volum Bust?

It’s a moisturizer, which needs to be by DiscountExt" href="#17513832"> applied daily to your bust to act as an anti aging crème. It has the effect of making your skin softer and firmer. It’s great for mothers after birth to bring bust back to normality. The firmness allows it to lift, but unfortunately the sad part is you still need a bra. Yet, your cleavage will look much more firmer natural. The anti aging effect is great for the chest and neck area which often becomes wrinkled with age. WondaYou caters for all women and I think it’s better to use it over time to see gradual results. I have to be honest with you I have been using it for about three weeks now and my bust still seems the same but my skin around that area is much softer. With ingredients such as Aqua, Glycoproteines, Phospholipides and more used to work by DiscountExt" href="#77751103"> actively together for natural results over time.

Where is it from?

WondaYou distributors, was established in 2014 in Cape Town with the manufacturer, VOLUM-BUST cream - IMP Pharma, based in Holland. Natalia the representative in South Africa was first introduced to the product while on her travels in Spain and was pleasantly surprised with its results. It's been in the European by DiscountExt" href="#67117812"> Market for the last 15 years, but has never reached our South African shores and we are delighted to be the first to introduce this amazing product.

Where can it be found?

Volume Bust is currently being sold at salons across Cape Town such as Century spa Canal walk, Flava hair designs, Susan’s nails and beauty, Lande’s nail studio, Lande’s health and beauty, Beauty point. You can however also get in touch with them via their Facebook page or Instagram to find out more about WondaYou.

Would you like to stand a chance to win the WondaYou Distributors Volume Bust Product valued at R300.00?

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Pictures from : WondaYou Distributors 


by DiscountExt" href="#93079559"> Thank youfor reading! Let me know what you think and if you think this will be of great help for you.

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