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Visibly even foaming cleanser

Just have to tell you about my morning!!  So the husband is off to East London at 4am this morning.  It is school holidays so I don't have to leave for work so early so reset my alarm from 5 to 6am, or so I thought!  At 6:44 I awake in horror, it seems I set the alarm for 6pm!  I jump into the shower, no time to wash the hair so it goes into a ponytail - hooray for long hair!  Get dressed, no time for full make up so I applyfoundation, blusher, lipstick and a little mascara. I grab a travel mug of coffee and I'm outa here and on the road. In the traffic I keep glancing at my face to check that I do look half presentable with the weekend face and I have to say I honestly do!  Thanks to the face wash I am starting to feel that I almost have the fresh faced appearance I see in magazines and dream of!  Thanks Neutrogena xxx

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