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Veg out time is a Magical time

Veg out time is a Magical time

One of my friends is privileged enough to be home at 2:30 pm every Friday afternoon. Granted, she slaves away during the first 90% of the week, trying to meet deadlines set by her cartoon character lookalike boss. I asked her what she got up to today and she sniffed “I watched some reality TV for an hour”. Now, as difficult as this may be to admit, I get really lost in the mind numbing vortex that is REALITY TV. It’s so bad, but I can’t look away. Teens in Tiaras, Pregnant Tots, my sweet bar mitzvah – you name it, I’ve seen it.

As my friend admitted to veging out in front of the TV I felt a little judgy. I can’t remember the last time I had a moment to just “be” and not think of anything. It made me long for my high school days, when the biggest upset in my life was that GoKu didn’t Saiyan up or Spongebob didn’t get his drivers’ licence again. *yep, I was that girl*. Ambition wasn’t one of my strongest traits back then, which probably explains my very average grades. But as we get older and “life”, as they like to call it with such familiarity, happens and work and kids and parents who need our help and financial problems and heaven knows what else (breathe) the time to just “be” merges with the little time you have to sleep. And lack of sleep leads to a multitude of ailments and stress. I say, blame premature ageing on stress and lack of “me time”, not UV rays (don’t quote me on that).

The initial judgment I had towards my dear, overworked friend was merely a displacement of my unwanted feelings of envy. The fact is, we’re leading extremely busy lives so much so that there are times when I think we’re running far ahead of ourselves and our lives. We want to do everything all at once. We want to try everything at once but the truth is, if you don’t slow down you’re not going to have anything to look forward to, to enjoy in the future anymore.

I’ve taken an oath, to switch off all means of contact to the outside world for at least one hour a day. In that time, I will do what I want to do – not what I have to do. As long as it doesn’t involve working or stressing about the bills or “life”. Now life can happen while I’m watching some reality TV.

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