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Va Va Boom and Instant Volume!

Va Va Boom and Instant Volume!

There are sooo many products on the market that claim to add volume, lustre and revitalisation to dull and boring hair. I am sure I have tried nearly half of these and many have failed while others have lived up to their name and promise.

Recently I have found something that really delivers on its promise of volume and moisture; not just any volume but Va Va boom volume instantly!


Let's face it, Winter is here and hair needs extra TLC to stay beautiful and in good condition. L'oreal Volume Collagen root lift spray is that product.

Bought only a few days ago, used a few times and can already see great results.


Here is my story:

Being a young mum always on the run, I do not always have time to sit and blowdry hair or even style properly but, I do want my hair to look and feel great, with volume and moisture. As usual my favourite dischem store stocks a great range of haircare products and I picked up this beauty for only 30 bucks.

Now my hair was washed the previous day and was really in need of a pick me up. It was very dry, dull and completely flat; out of bounce.


I sprayed this root lifting spray (which can be used on either damp or dry hair) directly on to my roots. Afterwards I brushed it through very lightly until I had spread it evenly. Then, just used my hairdryer quickly to get my hair dry and allow the product to be absorbed (my own step). The result: Boom, huge volume. It was like a 'hair explosion" of volume. My hair looked fuller, tons of volume like I had touched wires or something , lol. And did it ever have moisture.


This style lasts for at least 24 hours before having to repeat the process. What I love most about this product is that its really not greasy and does not leave any residue on your hair. Very easy to use with a convenient spray nozzle and  the liquid is dispersed quickly.


I am almost certain that you can use this spray as a hair treatment before blowdrying or styling your hair.


Not bad for a R 30 investment, hey?



Your thoughts?



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