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Turn any Eyeshadow Pallete into a Popping pigmented shadow

​Hi Loves,

This is all about making any eyeshadow pallete more pigmented in four methods.

MAC Fix +

​This is my favorite method , Just spray the brush you are about to use with some fix + and you are good to go.

Eyeshadow Base

I just feel like its similar to when you using a lighter concealer only it doesn't crack and its quick to dry ,so its easier to apply your eyeshadow after applying it on your eyelid.

Lighter Concealer

I would start by advising you to pick a concealer that dries up quickly so that you don't make a mess when applying your eyeshadow. So you can start off by applying your concealer on your eyelid then when its dry, you can start applying your desired eyeshadow. 

Translucent Powder

Apply the powder on your eyelids then let it bake for 2minutes after that you can start applying your eyeshadow.

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