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​Brand: Morlage & Yorke Products: Luxury Soaps - Variants Below 

Fresh Linen & White JasmineWild Fuchsia & Blueberry

Available to purchase from: and Morlage & Yorke Website

I was new to the Morlage & Yorke brand, until thist past long weekend, when I finally tried the Luxury soaps out. The variant that had me the most Intrigued and fascinated to try these luxury soaps out were the Wild Fuchsia & Blueberry. Now when I say these soaps and their fragrances are amazing, I definitely mean they amazing. They had our whole place smelling fresh, and lovely. Please feel free to have a look at the Morlage & Yorke website, as they have a range of products available to purchase such as Bath & shower gels, hand & body lotions, Hand washes as well as Linen and Room sprays to name a few.What I love about these luxury soaps:-They are generous in size-Beautifully wrapped, on the outside and inside-Smells divine, but not overwhelming on ones nose-Creamy texture-Easily cleanses ones skin-Rinses off easily-Leaves ones skin nourished for hours after useHates about these luxury soaps:-As I have long fingers, but small in frame hands, its difficult to hold soap at first few uses(big in size)-Bit steep on ones pocket (Retails at R130 per soap - so budget!)250 g bar retails at R59 at

I would definitely repurchase these soaps, as they are value for money. They really are luxury soaps, considering that they smell so lovely, I could easily stash a bar in the linen cupboard for every item in there to smell lovely too. Also, the soaps packaging will have your guests intrigued and very keen to start using these soaps. They clean ones skin well, really a blissful experience to use these at bath time and is so worth every cent as my skin is left soft, smooth, moisturised thanks to the creamy texture of each soap.

Tone without the TIGHTNESS!

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