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​Transitioning is when you decide not to cut #bigchop ( #minibigchop)your hair, but rather outgrow and nurture your processed hair. You will need to STOP with the chemical treatments i.e. dyes, relaxers, perms, Brazilian blowouts etc.

During this time, you will experience scab hair. Scab hair is the new growth, which is damaged due to all the processing it had to undergo. This hair is dry and very discouraging, but don't give up, that to will change with time and proper care.

Whilst transitioning you really need to make time for your hair, because going natural does not = get up and go, a wash and go is not even a wash and go.

Get natural haircare products (for references see my highlights) and a wash day routine (later post to follow on this subject). Stick to this routine, as I said before consistency is key.

Finally, get a go to protective style. Mine was this Bun…. P.S. I used @palmers_saedge control to achieve this sleek bun, hope this helps.

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