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I am a super lazy person and when it comes to beauty I just don’t have the energy nor the time to spend hours on myself.


I found some really great beauty hacks every women should know, to make life easier and for you to have more time to do other things (like work, if you me).

 Beauty Hack 1: Use White Nail Polish As A Base
Most of the time I run out of base nail polish, I then use my white nail polish instead. It makes any colour vibrant and pop.

 Beauty Hack 2: Coconut Oil As Hair Mask
Hair masks can be pretty expensive. So why not use coconut oil to treat those dry ends.

 Beauty Hack 3: DIY Matte Nail Polish
If you a regular on my blog you know that I did a post on making your lipstick matte and last longer ( to see that post click here) Now you can make your nail polish matte by mixing loose powder eyeshadow to clear nail polish, then paint your nails like you usually do.

 Beauty Hack 4: Card Mascara Trick
Don’t you just hate it when your mascara gets all over your eye lid?(most frustrating thing ever!)Place your card whether it’s a business card or credit card behind your lashes.
 Beauty Hack 5 : Lip Balm Brow Tamer
You’re out of your favorite brow gel? No sweat! Use some lipbalm on your finger and apply it to your brows to help maintain them.


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