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Tips on how to keep your skin moisturised during winter

Tips on how to keep your skin moisturised during winter

The perk of being young and in your twenties is that your skin is relatively still good. That is when you’re not having hormonal break outs once a month. It is important that you take good care of your skin in order to age gracefully. A lot of body products and soaps contain harmful ingredients that can dry out your skin, which is why you need to ensure that skin is adequately moisturised. Body creams and lotions can significantly help this. Here are two more tips in preventing your skin from drying out.

Cold water

Hot water is known to dry out your skin. It’s not too great for your hair either. I try and keep my lukewarm so that my pores can open up while clean. Before getting out of the shower I like to turn the taps to completely cold for about a minute. I especially love doing this when washing my hair. This will close your pores and apparently makes your skin more radiant. When doing this my knees and elbows do not become ashy like with hot showers so it definitely helps. I will admit, I only do this in warm weather. There is no way I wilfully will stand under a cold shower during winter.

Oil baths

This is something I learnt about recently when a friend of mine gave me some goodies, which included an oil bath soak. It moisturises your skin while bathing, and honestly I can feel a difference. I’ve only started taking oil baths recently and the few times I have, I’ve always moisture so I can’t vouch for the effectiveness without body cream or butter afterwards. Apparently you can also use oils such as castor oil and olive oil on its own as well, but I’ve never tried it.

I hope this will help your skin remain soft and flake free this winter.

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